With our user licensing you have access to all of the capabilities our product has to offer. No limits, no additional charges.

  • £20 Annual Commitment or £25 Per Month
    • Standard User License
    • Our single user licensing model based on the number of internal Office 365 user accounts accessing SharePortals.
  • Call Annual commitment or monthly
    • Special Pricing
    • We offer discounts for organisations with over 200 users, not for profits, government, and education organisations.

Over 1TB Of Storage

UK, EU, & US Data Centers

GDPR Dashboard

Over 300 Connectors

No Usage Restrictions

Unlimited Workflows

Extensively Documented APIs

Advanced User Permissions

Data Import Tools

Up To 30 Million Records Per Entity e.g Contacts, Accounts

Enterprise Level Workflow Automation

Create & Track Forms, Quotes, Contracts

What is included in the free version and trial?

Full CRM functionality is included without the requirement of suppling any payment details for those with one or two users, or trialing the product.  All users are treated as standard user accounts with unrestricted capabilities to customise the system as much as our product allows.

Can I get professional help?

If you are working with a partner, then you should contact your partner for services.  Where required we offer professional services for additional time which may include setting up workflows, reports, or other elements within Office 365.

How do I purchase user licenses?

Any user licenses can be purchased with a monthly commitment, or an annual commitment with 20% off the monthly cost.  Currently user license volumes are managed by contacting us to set up and adjust payments.  In the near future billing will be manage by users with administrator access to the system settings directly within the interface.

What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal and all major credit card types are accepted.  Please contact our billing team on +44 141 488 1511 to discuss setting up payment.

When will be I charged?

The billing start date begins at the point the first user license is purchased and is based on the number of user licenses, and whether the purchase was for an annual or monthly commitment.   It is not possible to mix annual and monthly commitments for different users.  This is controlled on a per account basis.

Can I cancel and receive a refund?

Named administrator users can cancel monthly billing at any time, however annual billing commitments can only be cancelled within the last 30 days of the anniversary date.  We do not offer refunds on license count changes or cancellation of the service.  For monthly licensing cancellations you will receive a final bill on the following month.

Can I delete my account?

All of your CRM business information is held within your own Office 365 tenant, therefore the only information we hold relates to your organisation licensing and billing details, as well as contact information for marketing purposes.  If you wish us to delete your account history with us completely, please contact our billing team on 0141 488 1511.