As well as sending an email through SharePortals, you can add email and attachment information from any email in your Microsoft Outlook account to a record by following these steps.

  • Click the green Import button in the Emails menu for the record:
  • A window will be displayed, confirming that you want to give SharePortals the required permissions to retrieve emails from your Microsoft mailbox. Confirm your agreement, which will show another window with a list of emails from your inbox:
  • Select the email(s) you want to import which are related to this record.

SharePortals can import attachments along with the email message, and you have three options for how SharePortals should handle them for the emails you are currently importing.

  1. Import the email attachments, and store them as historical data along with the email information in SharePortals.
  2. Import the email attachments, store them and also add them as new document records into SharePortals.
  3. Don’t import any email attachments.

If you choose the first option, the attachments are imported, but only stored against the email records as historical information, i.e. archiving the attachment data in SharePortals.

Sometimes, however, a document attached to an email related to an opportunity must be imported and stored but also stored as a separate document record. For example, a spreadsheet of pricing information should be imported from an email, but as it is expected to be worked on by several users, you want it to be available in the Documents menu for the record, giving it version control and making it easily accessible for other users involved in a project for that account. In these cases, you should choose the second option.

By default, no attachments will be imported, as both options are clear.

  • To simply import email attachments to be stored as archived data along with the email information, check the Import email attachments box, but leave the lower box clear.
  • To import email attachments as above, but also create new Document items for each attached document in the Documents area for this record, check both the Import email attachments and Save attached files to documents boxes.
  • Click Import Emails.


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