The first step is to ensure the customer’s details are stored in the CRM. In this example, this is a new customer that hasn’t contacted us before, so we will need to create an account to represent them in SharePortals.

  • We first select the Accounts menu item from the Contacts dropdown:
  • We click on the green Add Account button:

    A new page appears allowing us to enter information about the new Account. Required fields have asterisks next to them.
  • We enter initial information about the company. This would usually consist of name, address and contact number(s):
  • We now have a choice of three options. We can Save, Save and Create New, or Cancel.
    • Save will save the new Account record with our entered information, and take us back to our list of Accounts.
    • Save and Create New will save the new Account record, and then immediately allow us to create another with a new Account form. This option is useful if you wish to create many new records in one session.
    • Finally, Cancel will return us to our list of Accounts without saving the currently-entered form information.
  • We only need to create one account, which we have now done. So we click Save and are returned to our list of Accounts, with our new Account entry showing as successfully added:

In the next section, we will add information about the specific person at this company who contacted us.


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