Records are the individual items that make up your SharePortals environment, such as accounts, people, orders, opportunities etc.

To create a new record, first select the record type from the dropdown list at the top of the SharePortals page.

In this example, we will add a new Account record:

  • We first select the Accounts dropdown from the list:
  • We click on the green Add Account button:

    A new page appears allowing us to enter information about the new Account. Required fields have asterisks next to them.
  • We enter some initial company information:
  • We now have a choice of three options. We can Save, Save and Create New, or Cancel.
    • Save will save the new Account record with our entered information, and take us back to our list of Accounts.
    • Save and Create New will save the new Account record, and then immediately allow us to create another with a new Account form. This option is useful if you wish to create many new records in one session.
    • Finally, Cancel will return us to our list of Accounts without saving the currently-entered form information.
  • We click Save and are returned to our list of Accounts, with our new Account entry showing as successfully added:


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