Document templates are a great way for an organisation to apply consistency to the documents it creates and sends to customers. For example, a company may wish all of its outgoing documentation to use a standardised letterhead.

SharePortals allows organisations to provide their SharePortals users with customised document templates that make creating consistent documentation quick and easy.

Let’s look at how we would implement the example given above, i.e. adding a document template for a company letterhead. We specifically want to provide this as a document template for documents related to opportunities in SharePortals.

  • Firstly, create the company letterhead template itself in Microsoft Word. Save the template locally as either a .dot or .dotx file.
  • Browse to your SharePoint site front page and click Site contents in the left-hand pane.
  • Click Site settings on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Click Site content types under Web Designer Galleries.
  • Click Create at the top of the page to define the new content type for our company letterhead document.
  • You will be shown a form containing details of the new content type. We fill it out as follows:

    The parent content type group is Document Content Types, and the parent content type is Document.
  • Click OK, then Advanced Settings when you are shown the properties page for the newly-created letterhead content type.
  • Click Upload a new document template under Document Template and choose your .dotx template saved locally earlier.

At this stage, we have created the letterhead content type and associated the template document with it. There is a final step remaining, which is to link this content type with our desired SharePortals record type. In this case, we want this to be a document template for opportunities.

  • Click Site contents for your SharePoint site, then browse to the Opportunities document library.
  • Click the cog icon at the top-right of the page, then click Library settings.
  • Scroll down to the Content Types section.
  • Click Add from existing site content types, then select your content type group from the dropdown and add the new letterhead content type:

We have now associated the new template with opportunities in SharePortals. Now, when we go back to SharePortals and check the document templates available, we can see that our company letterhead has been added:


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