General Tasks are not specific to any particular Account in SharePortals. For example, you may wish to create a general Task to track progress of reporting internal data for your own organisation.

  • First, click on the Tasks menu item at the top of the SharePortals front page:

    This will take you to a list of your current general Tasks:
  • Click the green Add Task button:

    You will be shown a new page allowing you to add information about the new Task.
  • There are also three options to choose from after entering the new Task information: Save, Save and Create New, or Cancel.
    • Save will save the new Task with our entered information, and take us back to our list of general Tasks.
    • Save and Create New will save the new general Task, and then immediately allow us to create another with a new Task form.
    • Finally, Cancel will return us to our list of Tasks without saving the currently-entered form information.
  • We add in information about our new Task, assigned it to ourselves and then click Save:

    We are returned to our Task list with our new general Task successfully added:


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