The Power Automate services within Office 365 provide an unprecedented number of automation capabilities to your fingertips, and continue to evolve at pace.  Power Automate is included within most Office 365 plans at no additional charge.  For certain complex workflow scenarios, Azure Logic Apps can be used for a small additional usage cost with an almost identical simple to use interface.


Select from one of many available templates which can be further customised as desired.  Templates are added by Microsoft for common scenarios relating to data stored in Office 365.  CRM examples include:

  1. Creating notification emails for task assignments
  2. Connecting a webpage Microsoft form for new leads
  3. Requesting review or approval or a document
  4. Sending team messages when an event occurs such as a key deal update

Flow Types

When creating a workflow from scratch, select from the different types which include:

  1. Automated flow: Used to detect events as the start of the workflow
  2. Instant flow: Initiated by the click of a button, for example when a document is selected
  3. Scheduled flow: Set an interval or specific time for a workflow to start


Currently over 300 Microsoft supported connectors.  Some popular 3rd party CRM workflow connectors include:

  • Mailchimp Email Marketing
  • WordPress Posts
  • DocuSign Document Signing
  • Adobe Sign Document Signing
  • RSS Feeds
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Twitter Posts

Popular Microsoft cloud CRM workflow connectors include:

  • Teams
  • Yammer
  • PowerBI
  • PowerApps
  • Forms
  • Azure Robotic Process Automation
  • Azure Cognitive Services (e.g OCR)
  • Common Data Model (e.g D365)

Advanced AI

AI is an additional cost on most Office 365 plans, but in comparison to 3rd party solutions offers an extremely cost effective means to use advanced cognitive services within our product.  Some CRM scenarios include:

  1. Automatically extracting field data from supplier invoices
  2. Convert foreign languages within documents
  3. Extract text from images to allow for searching based on words
  4. Scan business cards to automatically create a contact

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an additional cost for Power Automate, and allows for the use of attended and unattended robots to perform automated repetitive actions which a user may typically do on a computer.  This can be a set of instructions which interact with a Windows desktop application, or a website.  Some CRM scenarios include:

  1. Automatically iterate through one or more 3rd party websites to retrieve information on a schedule
  2. Integrate with a line of business application which has limited API options to open documents relating to a record
  3. Pull information out from the CRM on a regular basis and add to a new destination such as a spreadsheet