Our Company

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, Betasoft have a 15-year track record in providing IT services to over 500 organisations in the UK and other regions. Since 2015 we have focused our business on Microsoft 365 cloud technology, helping businesses across many sectors digitally transform their business. Note: Betasoft SharePortals is an Add-In solution to extend Microsoft SharePoint and is not developed and/or maintained by or in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation or its group of companies

Why Build

Over the years we've used a number of CRMs. We never found an ideal fit, and began to question why there wasn't a simpler option within the Microsoft cloud having invested in Office 365. Being a Microsoft ISV, we developed SharePortals as a lower cost and easier to use software-as-a-service alternative to the Microsoft Dynamics platform or 3rd party systems.

Mark Thomson Betasoft Director